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ARC Painting Inc, provides both professional and experienced Exterior House Painters in Jupiter for all your project needs.


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When our team of professional exterior house painters finish painting your Jupiter home, we guarantee you’ll be HAPPY! Call me, Anthony, right now!

Let my Family of painting contractors paint the Interior or Exterior of your house with Exceptional Quality, Unwavering Integrity, & our 100% Happiness Guarantee, just as we have for so many of your neighbors since 1992.

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Likewise, you should check out ARC Painting Inc.’s Home Interior Painting Services and save yourself time and money.

Our Jupiter Exterior House Painters Process

  • In addition to removing dirt with a 4000 P.S.I Power washer, we will also remove paint that is either covered in mildew or is loose and peeling or is a chalk like substance.
  • To make sure we do not damage or paint any part of the house exterior. Hence, we will cover all windows, bushes, and floors, by using plastic, tape, paper, and tarps.
  • Furthermore, we will seal any remaining contaminants by applying a 100% Acrylic sealer.
  • Since cracks will appear over time as your home ages and the paint starts peeling. Our team will use an Elastomeric Patching Compound so that if the crack widens it will then stretch up to 300%.
  • In addition to filling holes or cracks with Fascia, we will make sure to caulk any openings around windows.
  • And finally, we will apply a final coat of Sherwin Williams Exterior Satin or Flat Finish Latex because it will make it easier to clean.

Jupiter Exterior House Painters Services

ARC Painting Inc.’s expertise and knowledge comes from three generations of painters, especially home exterior. In particular, we paint roofs, pool decks, fences, and garage doors. In fact, we have all of the exterior painting services you need.  So, hire ARC Painting Inc. as your next Jupiter Exterior House Painters.

We Paint Wood & Vinyl Siding

Boca Raton Exterior House Painters

To begin with, there are different types of home siding that can be used. Such as wood, stone, brick, stucco and Vinyl. In addition to knowing the type of paint to use but you also want the contractor to know how to clean and prepare the siding too. So, contact ARC Painting Inc. to paint your home exterior siding correctly.

Painting & Waterproofing


Sometimes painting the exterior of your home is not enough. When the stucco on your home has many cracks and water begins to enter your home, it is time to waterproof your home. Not all house painting contractors are licensed to do this type of work, but ARC Painting is! Our Jupiter painting company has waterproofed hundreds of homes in Jupiter.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Washing House Exterior

Pressure cleaning is vital to a lasting paint job. Many exterior painting contractors in Jupiter will only lightly wash your home. Not us… we make sure all loose, peeling or chalking paint is completely removed before we begin the exterior painting process.

Roof Painting

Jupiter Exterior House Painters - Roof Painting

Roof painting will brighten up the look of your home and add some valuable curb appeal. It is important to understand that the color of your roofs makes up almost 50% of the exterior color. So, it is important to pick colors that will complement your house when painting the roof of your home.

Fence Painting

Jupiter Exterior House Painters - Fence Painting

Fence painting can give your house that extra pop you are looking for. Leaving a fence, a natural wood color may look good for a few months but eventually it will not. Applying a coat of paint will not only preserve the wood for many years but it will also add that extra touch of class to your home.

Pool Deck Staining

Jupiter Exterior House Painters - Pool Deck Staining

Should I stain my pool deck or paint it? This is a question we are asked often. Most contractors are lazy and only want to paint decks, this can lead to paint failure and a costly repair. A quick rule of thumb, if your concrete deck is raw (without any coating) then, you will always want to use a Solvent Based Stain.

Garage Door Painting

Jupiter Exterior House Painters - Garage Door Painting

Garage door painting may seem like a small job but our professional house painters have painted thousands of garage doors in Jupiter. If you want to give the exterior of your home some sprucing up without painting the entire exterior, painting the garage and front door might be just what you need.


Painting the exterior of your home? Then contact ARC Painting Inc, and we will provide a project estimation before our painters begin painting. No deposit is required and your happiness is especially guaranteed as a result of our professional work on your home exterior.

In addition to being a licensed and insured painting company, we have been painting the exterior of homes in the Jupiter area since 1992. As a result of that 30+ years of experience and knowledge in the painting industry. Thus we do not use sub-contractors.

Why You should Hire ARC Painting Inc.?

Since many people do not understand the importance of hiring a professional house painting contractor. Especially if it has been years since your home exterior was last painted by a professional contractor. For this reason, I explain to clients that paint is like the skin of your house, it’s what everyone sees.  As a result of hiring a painter without the skills and know-how, it could certainly impact your home exterior. Also, you will have to spend more time and money as well.


Of course, ARC Painting Inc. provides all homeowners a 10-year warranty to your home exterior.  After all, your happiness is our goal!

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ARC Painting Inc. Can Also Waterproof Your Home

In order to help minimize water damage and save you time and money. ARC Painting Inc. will certainly use waterproof based paint for your home exterior.

Licensed and Insured

Of course, ARC Painting Inc. is a licensed and insured interior and exterior painting company in the state of Florida. Specifically in the following counties: Palm Beach and Broward.

Palm Beach County Painting License Number: U-21646 | Broward County Painting License Number:11-PU-14767-X

What People Are Saying About ARC Painting Inc.

As a result of our hard work and happy clients over 3 decades of painting homes and businesses. ARC Painting Inc has achieved a 4.6 rating and for this reason read what they have to say about us.


ARC Painting Inc. Service Area

ARC Painting Inc. is a Florida-based business that provides painting services for the Interior or Exterior of your home or businesses since 1992. Our interior & exterior painting service area covers towns in both Palm Beach County and Broward County in the state of Florida.